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Simple multicolored nails with flower design

Easy multicolored design perfect for every day. Each nail is colored in different color and also there is a flower just to break monotony. You can use any combination of colors.

Purple and pink tinsel nails

Easy nail art design for your new manicure style. Purple and pink tinsel nails in combination with diamonds and chain for the new elegant design.

White tinsel nails with bows

Clean and easy nail art design. Simple but really elegant white nails with 3D bows. Less is more.

Long striped nails with roses

Elegant long nails with flower design. Vertical stripes make nails look longer. This design is perfect for long and for short nails.

Red and gold tinsel nails

Everyone loves gold. Put it on your nails and in combination with color of love, you have the winning style. Let it shine!

White nails with black tribal design

White nails with black tribal art design. Black and white combination is always in – you can not be wrong with this design.

Candy nails design

Multicolor nail art design. Combination of green, yellow and pink makes this design so cute and delicious. Try with some other combination of colors. Yummy yummy!

Black and green triangles nail art design

Do you love math? What is your favorite geometry shape? If you love triangles, this is the design for you. Tinsel green in combination whit black triangles for your math nail design.

Patched nails art design

Patched blue and pink nails are really interesting and a little bit weird design. You can combo it with old patched jeans – it will be great combination.

Pink nails with flower design

Solid pink and white nails with flowers designs. Easy to make – fast transform your nails in nice spring design. Let’s smell good.

Blue tinsel nails with black bows

Blue french manicure nails with black bows makes this design shiny. Pick up some pretty dress and complete your outfit. No one will miss your new look. Sky’s the limit.

Turquoise nails with gold chain design

Fresh turquoise nails with gold chain and diamonds. Gold, diamonds and black stripes in combination with turquoise color makes this design really powerful. More is better.

White french with lace and diamonds

White, clean, elegant. French manicure in combination with lace and you have elegant clean style. Add some diamonds and you have WOW design.

Black french nails with silver tinsel and dots design

Combination of french manicure, tinsel silver and black dots make this nail art design really awesome. Each style is unique and elegant for himself but all together are just perfect.

Christmas nails

Ho ho ho it’s Christmas time! So make your Christmas nail design ready for the special day of the year! Marry Christmas!

Solid red nails with chess design

Red is always in. You will never go wrong with red. Use the red nails in combination with red lipstick and your outfit will be just perfect. So simple and so beautiful.

Do you play chess?

Then this is the perfect nail art design for you. Solid red nails with combination of chess design. Let’s play chess…

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