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Clean silver chevron nails

Amazing combination of silver, white, gold and black polish make this chevron nails really awesome! Clean and creative nail design. Take a look on chevron nails tutorial video and make your nails ready for this superb design.


Easy 3 color nail designs

Simple and easy 3 color nail design. Cute and super easy nail design which will look awesome with any polish combination.

Silver and purple ombre nails

Glitter silver and purple polish make this ombre nails amazing. Easy and simple ombre design but also really interesting.

Glitter silver and blue nails

Simple and easy blue and silver nail art design in combination with diamonds. Perfect design to combo it with jeans.

Glitter silver, pink and roses

Solid pink and glitter silver in combination with rose tattoos. Simple and easy spring nail art design.

Heart nails

Lovely heart nail art design perfect for Valentine’s Day. Creative nails with a lot of hearts. Cute and simple heart nail art design.

Easy Christmas nails

Silver and red glitter nails in combination with snowflakes for your easy Christmas nails. Simple Christmas nail art design.

Caviar nails

Interesting and elegant nail art design. Caviar nails are always amazing.

Barbie nails

Combination of white and silver glitter nails with Barbie tattoos and bows. Simple and easy Barbie nail art design. Try it with traditional Barbie pink color.

Silver nails with pink polka dots

Solid silver nails with pink polka dots art design. In combo with bows this design is perfect for short nails.

Pink and silver glitter nails

Easy summer nail art design. Long pink and silver nails with glitter make this design simple but really cute.

Silver and blue elegant nail design

Silver and blue nails in combo with diamonds are really elegant. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Black french nails with silver tinsel and dots design

Combination of french manicure, tinsel silver and black dots make this nail art design really awesome. Each style is unique and elegant for himself but all together are just perfect.

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