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Animal Print

Zebra with gold

Black and white stripes with gold make this design unique. “Zebra with gold” nail tutorial is here:


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Green and purple ombre nails

Great combination of green and purple polish. Quick and easy ombre nail design. Perfect summer ombre nails.

Creative black and white nail art

Black and white is always in trend and you can never be wrong with this combination of colors. Creative black and white nail art with a lot of details.

Multicolored leopard print nails

Interesting and creative leopard nails. Multicolored nails in combination of gold and leopard prints make this nail design really awesome.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse nails

Hi, it’s me Mickey Mouse! And Minnie Mouse! Cute Mickey mouse nail art. Everyone loves cartoons. Mickey is one of the funniest animal cartoon character. Perfect teen nail design.

Multi color stiletto nails

You don’t know which color to use? Use all of them! Combination of colors, tattoos and diamonds make this design really interesting. Summer stiletto nails art design.

Christmas nail designs

Make your nails ready for the last night of the year. Cute Christmas nail design with Rudolph – Santa’s 9th Reindeer. Santa is here, it’s time for gifts!

Butterfly nails

Easy butterfly nail art design. Pink and black nail polish with butterfly tattoos. Cute teen nails.

Cat nail art

White french with black cat and multicolor cat footprints tattoo. Cute cat nail art design.

Ocean nails

Ocean nail art design – underwater forest and animals. Beautiful and amazing world below the sea on your nails.

Hello Kitty nails

Cute pink and white nails with Hello Kitty tattoo. Perfect teen nail art design. Hi, Hello Kitty!

Black and white nails with gold chain

Black and white design is always a classy and elegant combination. Add some gold and you will get perfect nail design.

Pink tiger nail art design

Do you like cats? Do you like big cats? How about tigers? Pink tiger nails looks like your new design.

Happy nails

Cute teen happy nails. Yellow and red color in combination with smiles and footprints make this design really happy. Everyone smiles in the same language.

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