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Dotted ombre nails

Gorgeous dotted ombre nails. Nice blue – red gradient with dots make this design amazing. Actually, dotes looks like bubbles or maybe firework? In any case, they are really cool.

Sky blue and white nails

Elegant sky blue and white nails with glitter. Wonderful and fresh nail design.

Glitter silver and blue nails

Simple and easy blue and silver nail art design in combination with diamonds. Perfect design to combo it with jeans.

Easy red and white nail design

Simple and easy red and white nail art. The combination of red and white is always hot and in trend – you can never be wrong with it. Minimal and clean nail design. Interesting nail design for short nails.

Winter nail designs

True winter nail art design. Transparent winter nail colors (transparent gel) with combination of snowflakes for winter nail art. Perfect combination of ice and snow for winter nails.

Red nails with white spirals

Interesting red and white nail art design. Red nails with white circles and spirals.

Simple long white nails

Solid long white nails with gold glitter and bows. Simple nail art design for long nails.

Easy Christmas nails

Silver and red glitter nails in combination with snowflakes for your easy Christmas nails. Simple Christmas nail art design.

New years nails

Fireworks on your nails for the New Year. Glitter rainbow nails – let start a new year with happy colors! Make your nails ready for the last night of the year. Happy New Year!

Winter nail art

Snowman nails – cute winter nail art design. Make your winter nails ready with your own snowman. Everybody loves him!

Long red and white nails

Long solid red and white nails with red diamonds. Easy and simple nail art design. Classic combination of red and white polish.

Christmas nail designs

Make your nails ready for the last night of the year. Cute Christmas nail design with Rudolph – Santa’s 9th Reindeer. Santa is here, it’s time for gifts!

Caviar nails

Interesting and elegant nail art design. Caviar nails are always amazing.

Pink and yellow nails

Cute teen nail design. Simple pink and yellow nail art design in combination with accessory. Easy summer nail design.

Red nails with kiss design

Classic red nails with kiss design – simple and easy nail art design. Red is always in.

Easy green and white french manicure

Glitter french manicure – easy and simple nail art design. Combination of white and green.

Red and white nails with stone design

Shiny red and white nails with stones. Classic nail art design for easy and clean nails. Simple nail art design for every day.

Red and gold tinsel nails

Everyone loves gold. Put it on your nails and in combination with color of love, you have the winning style. Let it shine!

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