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French Manicure

Easy ombre french manicure nails

Minimal and clean french nails design. Easy combination of ombre and french manicure for this cute nail art. Make your nails ready fast and easy with this simple nail tutorial.


Baby pink and black nail design

Glamour pink and black nail design. Easy elegant nail art for short nails.

Red flower stiletto nail desing

Brilliant red short stiletto nails with flower design. Elegant and lovely nail art perfect for Valentine day or some other special love day.

Simple black french and purple glitter

Simple black french manicure with purple glitter and white flower design. Minimal and easy to do nail design.

Spring stiletto nail design

Cute spring stiletto nails. French manicure with a lot of flowers – simple and easy stiletto design.

Fall nail art

Black french manicure with fall motive. Unique and creative fall nails design. Easy combination of black polish and tattoos.

Nederlands nail art design

Simple and east Nederlands flag nail art. Combination of red, white, blue and orange polish for cute flag nail design. You are not from Nederland? Use your own country flag for your new nail design.

Pink and white french nails

Simple glitter pink and solid white nails with cute stars. Clean and easy nail art design.

Creative red and black french nails

Creative and simple nail design. Red and black french manicure nail design. Perfect design for short nails.

Easy red and white nail design

Simple and easy red and white nail art. The combination of red and white is always hot and in trend – you can never be wrong with it. Minimal and clean nail design. Interesting nail design for short nails.

Heart nail designs

Amazing heart nail design. Perfect love nail design for Valentine’s Day. Superb combination of colors!

Neon green and orange french

Simple green and orange french nail design. Fresh and easy summer design. Neon nails are always in. Let it shine in dark…

Blue french with black rose

Blue french manicure with black rose tattoos. Cute nail art design.

Simple yellow and black nails

Simple but creative yellow and black nail design. Easy design for short nails.

French turquoise design

Turquoise french manicure design with white dots. Simple and clean design for short nails.

Heart nails

Lovely heart nail art design perfect for Valentine’s Day. Creative nails with a lot of hearts. Cute and simple heart nail art design.

Cat nail art

White french with black cat and multicolor cat footprints tattoo. Cute cat nail art design.

Mosaic nails

Interesting multi color nail art design created of collecting small pieces. Combination of different colors and shapes for mosaic nail art.

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