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Orange matte ombre nails

Hot ombre nails with top matte. Outstanding summer nail design. Make your nails ready for hot summer days with this perfect orange ombre nails.

Simple creative neon nails

Creative combination of colors and shapes make this design really interesting. Simple and easy neon nails with matte topcoat. Minimal but unique nail design perfect for the hot summer days.

Gorgeous heart ombre nails

Gorgeous combination of polish make this ombre nails really unique. So many colors and so amazing. Perfect summer ombre nail design. Watch the tutorial for this superb ombre nails.


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Turquoise and yellow acrylic nail art

Great combination of turquoise and yellow make this design really interesting. Fresh summer acrylic nails! Ombre + Chevron = Perfect!

Yellow and white diamonds nails

Great looking yellow and white nails in combination with diamonds and gold lines. Interesting and creative nail design.

Multicolored stiletto nails

Amazing color combination! Incredible summer stiletto design. Make your nails ready for the summer. Outstanding stiletto nail art.

Green and purple ombre nails

Great combination of green and purple polish. Quick and easy ombre nail design. Perfect summer ombre nails.

Glitter gold and pink nails

Simple and easy glitter gold and pink nail art design. Cute neon design. Make it shine.

Easy 3 color nail designs

Simple and easy 3 color nail design. Cute and super easy nail design which will look awesome with any polish combination.

Hot summer ombre nails

Amazing combination of yellow and pink polish for hot summer ombre design. Easy and simple ombre nail art.

Heart nail designs

Amazing heart nail design. Perfect love nail design for Valentine’s Day. Superb combination of colors!

Neon green and orange french

Simple green and orange french nail design. Fresh and easy summer design. Neon nails are always in. Let it shine in dark…

Yin Yang nails

Yin (black side with the white dot in it) and Yang (the white side with the black dot in it) symbol in combo with pink nails and some Chinese letters. I guess they are Chinese…

Neon green and black stripes

Solid neon green nails with black stripes. Easy and simple summer nail design. Let is shine in dark.

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