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Short brown and white nails

Gold in combination with brown and white polish and result is this creative nail design. Interesting nail design for short oval nails.

Spring rainbow ombre nails

Lovely spring rainbow ombre nail art design with video tutorial. Great polish combination with chevron design make this design just perfect for short nails. Amazing multi color design.


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Easy ombre french manicure nails

Minimal and clean french nails design. Easy combination of ombre and french manicure for this cute nail art. Make your nails ready fast and easy with this simple nail tutorial.


Baby pink and black nail design

Glamour pink and black nail design. Easy elegant nail art for short nails.

Easy and creative nail design

Easy but also really creative nail design. Awesome combination of colors and minimalistic design for brilliant nails. So simple, so easy and so powerful.

Easy 3 color nail designs

Simple and easy 3 color nail design. Cute and super easy nail design which will look awesome with any polish combination.

Short yellow nail art design

Simple yellow nail art design with black and white lines – easy nail art design for short nails.

Creative red and black french nails

Creative and simple nail design. Red and black french manicure nail design. Perfect design for short nails.

Multicolor triangle nail design

Simple and easy short nail art design – multicolor triangle design. Cute teen nail art design.

Easy red and white nail design

Simple and easy red and white nail art. The combination of red and white is always hot and in trend – you can never be wrong with it. Minimal and clean nail design. Interesting nail design for short nails.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse nails

Hi, it’s me Mickey Mouse! And Minnie Mouse! Cute Mickey mouse nail art. Everyone loves cartoons. Mickey is one of the funniest animal cartoon character. Perfect teen nail design.

Short yellow and orange nails

Elegant nail design for short nails. Combination of yellow and orange polish with golden lines and diamonds.

Red corset nails

Creative red corset nail design. Interesting design for short nails.

Transparent black and white

Black and white transparent nail design. Combination of black and white polish is always in trend.

Simple yellow and black nails

Simple but creative yellow and black nail design. Easy design for short nails.

Red, black and white

Red, black and white polish in combination with lines, dots and many different shapes make this design really interesting. Make your own design. Let’s play a little bit.

French turquoise design

Turquoise french manicure design with white dots. Simple and clean design for short nails.

Easy Christmas nails

Silver and red glitter nails in combination with snowflakes for your easy Christmas nails. Simple Christmas nail art design.

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